Get your house ready - Property Photograph Guide

The Do's and Dont's of Marketing your property online

Marketing your property is easy if you follow these simple steps. Take 5 minutes to read the do's and dont's and let your property reach its full potential. Professional property photographs and a 2D floor plan will maximise your potential when marketing online.

Things to Do

  • Remove excess clutter and unnecessary personal items

  • Clear clutter and put utensils away

  • Open blinds and curtains

  • Hide away wires and if need be, unplug appliances and hide the cables

  • Use props and furnishings such as candles, flowers and paintings

  • It can be difficult to do, but depersonalising your home will help buyers visualize living there instead of you. Creating an atmosphere that is calm, neutral and clutter free will give you the best chance of selling your home quickly.

  • Move your car from the drive and anything else that is blocking a clear view of your property.

Things to avoid.

  • Try not to cover too much floor space, the bigger the floor space, the larger the room feels

  • Personal photos are up to you but if you do not want them shown, please remove them

  • Tidy away clothes horses and washing up

  • Too many ornaments in your garden can distract from the overall space that we are trying to capture, plants and flowers are great yet gnomes are not

  • Long grass gives people the sense that the garden is not cared for. Clean cut grass is always a thumbs up

  • Remove your childrens artwork from the fridge, they may be the next Picasso but clutter puts people off.