Property Photography

Our photographer will ensure they find the best angle to capture each room, as well using the best possible lighting angle to enhance the space and features of your home. By doing this your property can be made to look bigger and brighter to potential buyers. We can provide Property photographs in Manchester and most of the North West of England. All our photographs are portal ready. We know which sizes are best for online portals and property sites so we will resize all your images to show your property at its best. Once we have visited your property we will forward the images by email for you to use or directly to your agent.


We use only 'wide angle' lens cameras which allow rooms to be shown to their full potential, creating a more light and spacious feel to a property.

A professional eye makes all the difference

Have a look at the two photographs below and see which one shows the room to its full potential. Our knowledge and photography techniques make our property photographs successful every time.

Bad angle and poor lighting

Potential buyers often look at pictures of a property before they decide to arrange a viewing, which is why we take time to 'stage' the room if necessary, we may remove any unneeded items and create a scene that allows buyers to concentrate on the room itself. This image is the result of bad angle, poor lighting and a lack of wide angle lens.

Composed shot wide angle lens

Get your property ready to market

The photographer will ensure they find the perfect angle at which to photograph each room, as well using the best possible lighting to enhance the strongest features. In doing this, your property can be made to look more spacious and inviting to potential buyers through our professional property photography.